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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Big Brother 15 Live Feed Early Bird Special is Here

It seems like Big Brother 15 is going to be a season of changes, and we still don't really know what is in store. CBS has changed things up in a few ways. We already told you that Big Brother 15 is going to have a longer season. In addition CBS has taken over the live feed subscription servicing, and Big Brother After Dark is moving from Showtime to TVGN.

With the change in the live feeds also comes a pretty nice price reduction and a super early "Early Bird Special." In the past the Early Bird special on the Big Brother Feeds usually allowed watchers to pay upfront for the whole season-usually around 30 bucks-and save around $5 a month off the monthly subscription.

Now it looks like the Early Bird Special is going for $23.99 for the full season of Big Brother 15 feeds, and it has already started, which is earlier than usual. That's a good deal, and even though the subscription process is a little different for season 15, I bet the Early Bird is going to work the same way. If you don't subscribe before the season starts, you will probably end-up spending around 25% more by ordering the live feeds during the season.

If you were going to get the feed subscription anyway and want to save some bucks, here is the offer:
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